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Useful links for Gold price quote

Real Time Hang Seng Index, Forex, Crude Oil and Gold Price                       
All in one index quote page. Includes Hang Seng Index, Nikkei, DOW, Nasdaq, S & P. Forex include GBP/USD, EUR/USD, even with Gold and Crude Oil price

Real time Spot Gold price        
A most popular website for live spot gold chart and other commodity. It has a free real time chart of gold price, silver, platinum...etc. Updated every minute (need to click refresh yourself)

Glory Sky
Provides a simple live bid ask table of gold price, forex and some popular index (DOW, FTSE, NIKKI, HSI). (auto refresh)

Bloomberg Commodity Futures
Price quote of Commodity futures: Gold, Oil, Sugar, (15 minutes delay)

Hantec group
Free Real Time Gold price quoting with candle chart. Also includes currency quote. Requires login (free registration).

ADVFN - Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium Futures
ADVFN is a popular financial site. It has provided a gold section talking about Gold futures, Silver, Platinum...etc. Includes Gold news, gold stock quote, index and future quote. You can create a personal watchlist yourself. (free registeration)

Useful links for spot gold / stock review

Spot Gold Daily Review        
A blog about gold price discussion and review.

Annual Chart of gold price (closing price)
Check the history of annual closing price of gold since 1970. Price is highest ($594.9) at 1980.

Yearly chart of gold price (high and low)
Check the yearly high and low of gold price. Price is highest ($850) at 1980.

Spot Gold Price history (2001-2006)        
The chart represents the London Gold Fixing (a.m.) in three currencies over a five year period. Also with a table showing out the gold price versus various DOW industry average.

Price trend Comparsion of Gold vs Gold stock 2899 (紫金礦業)        
The line chart represents the price trend comparsion of spot gold and 2899 (ZiJin Mining).

Trasy Gold Chat with MA & RSI (卓施圖表)
A chinese Gold trading site. It has a Gold daily chart with MA and RSI indicator. You can choose between 10MA/ 20MA/ 50MA, and RSI9/ RSI14. Also contains Gold news and reviews.

Useful articles about Gold analysis

Articles - A New Year For Gold
An article about Future prediction of Spot Gold in the coming 2006.

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