Hang Seng Futures and stock options tutorial

Here is a collection of links about Heng Seng Futures (HSF) and Options. Includes overview of futures and options, tutorials, and practical use of them.

Useful links for Stock / Index Options and tutorial 期權

Teaches about the terms used in option trading, and various ways of buying options.

This is an option educational page by www.hkex.com. Provides information from basic concept of stock options, overview of option strageies to practical usage of options and Stock option calculator (期權計算機)

HKEX Daily future/option report
Check the OI, net change of futures and options. Updated everyday.

Option profit calculator 期權賺賠表   (v2)   (v3)
This is a option profit calculator I have collected from newsgroup. They are excel files and there are 3 different variants so far. All of them show a nice chart of option profits.

Option Calculator
This is a option calculator from www.cyberquote.com.hk. You can use it to calculate option price of Hong Kong stocks.

This page shows the 28 combinations of future options strategy. Use it to maximize your profit according to different market situations.

Useful links for Hang Seng Future and tutorial 期指

未平倉合約變動(即月)   (Apr09)   (Mar09)   (Feb09)   (Jan09)   (Dec08)   (Nov08)   (Oct08)   (Sep08)   (Aug08)   (Jul08)   (Jun08)   (May08)   (Apr08)   (Mar08)   (Feb08)   (Jan08)   (Dec07)   (Nov07)   (Oct07)   (Sep07)   (Aug07)   (Jul07)   (Jun07)   (May07)   (Apr07)   (Mar07)   (Feb07)   (Jan07)   (Dec06)   (Nov06)   (Oct06)   (Sep06)   (Aug06)   (Jul06)   (Jun06)   (May06)   (Apr06)   (Mar06)   (Feb06)   (Jan06)   (Dec05)   (Nov05)   (Oct05)   (Sep05)         
Changes of Open Interest in HSF, indicate the buying trend of big accounts / small investers.

未平倉期權分佈 Option Disturbution                
Disturbution of option for HSI, HHI. An indictate the buying trend of big accounts. Updated daily

What is gross / net (未平倉合約總數/淨數)
Explain the meaning of gross / net used in future open interest.

Explain the relationship between changes in HSF open interest gross and net.

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