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Here is a collection of newsgroups and forums that discuss about stock, warrants and investments. With daily posts of Tony daily and 曹仁超. Most of them are popular chinese forums / newsgroups in Hong Kong.

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My personal favourite finance related newsgroup. Posts are very update and talks about anything from stocks, hang seng index / future, CEI, options, gold and forex. (popular users includes Kacific, 淫蟲, 金成武, 四海魚蛋仔...etc)
An old and long lasting finance newsgroup. There are some 常客 there who gives valuable advices on stocks. (popular users includes 玩輪員, 脫苦海, 盧爸爸...etc)
another finance newsgroup

未平倉合約變動(即月)   (Feb06)   (Jan06)   (Dec05)   (Nov05)   (Oct05)   (Sep05)         
Changes of Open Interest in Hang Seng Futures(HSF), indicate the buying trend of big accounts / small investers.

Useful links for stock investment forums (香港討論區)
The most popular forum in Hong Kong. The investment section is also a popular place for traders.

估民集中營 - 投資論壇
A chinese stock forum targeted on investment. There are everyday post of "Tony daily" and "曹仁超 投資者日記" in their forum. "即市投資討論區 " is the most popular forum there.

A chinese forum which mainly talks about warrants. There are some good posts teaching how to buy warrants and the trading techniques. (炒輪入門功, 炒輪實戰區...etc)

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If you have any great forums or newgroups, you are welcome to tell me about that.
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