Stock Technical Analysis (TA) chart and tutorial

Here is a collection of links about technical analysis(TA) on stocks and futures. Includes TA tutorial on MA(moving average), MACD, STC, Bollinger Band, RSI. Other tutorial on candle stick, ProStick, wave theory and its shapes...etc

Useful links for Technical Analysis Charts 圖表

ecchart 網上互動分析圖表
Free TA charts for Hong Kong stocks. (1 hour delay)

Hantec forex and gold ProStick chart
Provides free TA charts for forex and gold. Their charts use ProStick(乾坤燭) instead.
Requires registration first. (free signup)

e-finet stock charts              
Free TA charts for HK Stocks, including SMA, RSI, Bollinger Band, MACD for analysis.

AASTOCK stock charts         
Free TA Charts for HK stocks, by TA includes SMA, RSI, Bollinger, STC, MACD
for analysis.(1 hour delay)

Useful links for Technical Analysis tutorial 教學

An online book talk about many theory like 波浪理論, 相反理論, 黃金分割率理論.
Explain TA methods like RSI, MACD, KD, OBV...etc
Also explain shapes of 頭肩頂, 圓形頂, 喇叭型, 楔型, 島型...etc

華山論劍 - 股市分析學院
An online course teach about 型態學 (頭肩型態, 圓型, 島型...), 指標學 (RSI, MACD, KD...), 趨勢理論, 扇形理論, 波浪理論...etc
Divide into 初級, 中級, 高級班

分析指標使用指南 - ecchart
Provides explanation and different practical usage of Bollinger Band, SMA, EMA, RSI, MACD, STC(Stochastic), DMI, Fibonacci Lines, Momentum, OBV-On Balance Volume...etc

Provides overview of candle stick chart with many different states
e.g. 破腳穿頭, 身懷六甲, 三白武士, 射擊之星...etc

Explain what is 乾坤燭, its history and how to use it.

圖表使用指南 - 財華網
This is another TA tutorial guide from Guide includes line chart, bar chart, Candle, MA, Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD, STC, Momentum.

Chart School (English)
School of Chart. Teach you from the beginning what is Chart Analysis, different approaches and how to apply them to stock market. Also introduces market analysis theory including Dow Theory and Elliott Wave Theory.

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